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Schedule of Events

Tuesday | 5th September


Finding Your Inner Noble Guide

  • Mentoring others is helping them find their truth
  • On keeping the line of communication open between you and YOU
  • The code of the noble spirit

Christopher Van Buren


How to Learn from Your Hero

  • The power of a virtual mentor, what it means, and why it works
  • On the importance of treating influencers like equals

Navid Moazzez


Coaching you to Success

  • On being naive enough to believe you can change the world
  • If you can’t be #1 in a category, invent it!
  • On committing to your own success

Brad Sugars


On Learning From Others Who You Want to Be

  • The power of newness
  • On the difference between positivity and mindset
  • The importance of constantly realizing how little you know

Jeff Sanders


The Power of a Younger Mentor to Help you Find Mastery

  • On having a young mentor
  • The importance of mastery, and how to get it
  • On owning your definition of success

Pam Slim


The Value of a Real Expert to Guide You Along the Way

  • Why knowing what’s you and what’s not you is so essential
  • Why you might need branding therapy!
  • Why the best expert for you is the one who is just one step ahead

Tsh Oxenreider


Why Mentoring is about Finding Your Network

  • How to become a student of people’s lives
  • Why you need to meet your mentee where they are
  • How to go with the goers
  • How a team of mentors can help you succeed

Jeff Goins


Your customer is your mentor

  • How to get your customer to give a standing ovation
  • Being interested in your customer’s success
  • Learning from your customer is the most important thing

Jason Friedman

Wednesday | 6th September


The Importance of a Guide

  • Why most people are generous with their time if you don’t waste it
  • Why the story is not about you — it’s about them
  • The problem of being a success addict
  • Why success is not a friend of close relationships
  • Why you need to know the end game

Donald Miller


How to Find the Help You Need to Help You Win

  • Why Can’t is a four letter word
  • Why you need an advisory board
  • The power of radical transparency
  • How an accountability partner can help you

Dave Kerpen


The Life Changing Power of a Positive Mentor

  • Why how you do one thing is how you do everything
  • Why you need an advisory board
  • The problem with not being taught to understand one another

Daniel Puder


Why Your Mentor is Not a Fairy Godmother

  • On not acting out of fear
  • Why there are no magic beans!
  • Why you need to stop looking for the one mentor who will give you the success you want
  • How to learn when it’s time to move on from a mentor or coach

Lain Ehman


Why Different Types of Mentors Are Important for Success

  • The different types of mentors, and why they matter
  • Why quality input is quality output
  • The one tool to help you stay in touch with mentors, guides, and influencers
  • If you’re in SF, never eat alone

Liam Austin


Why Finding Someone Who has Been There is the Fastest Route to Success

  • On staying humble with yourself
  • On boundaries and success
  • Why messenger mentors are all around us
  • On being flexible when guiding others
  • On giving value, every time

Amber Vilhauer


The Power of Mutual Mentoring


  • The importance of Interconnectedness
  • The network effect and mentoring moments
  • Why the world hasn’t embraced
  • Intergenerational mentoring
  • Mutuality in mentoring

Tathra Street


How to Be Mentored by Others

  • The power of a virtual mentor
  • On embracing life as a student
  • On finding a powerful guide

Erik Fisher

Thursday | 7th September


Why Being a Mentor is Being a Guide to Success

  • Why a mentor is a sounding board
  • On not creating dependence in your mentees
  • Why there’s more to work
  • No one wants to be treated as a wide in someone else’s factory

Susan Friedman, Dewan Bayney, Eric Van Der Hope, Shawn Murphy


Propelling Others to Success

  • Why you must ask what you are meant to do
  • The purpose of success
  • Helping others live the lives they were meant to live – not the lives they tell themselves they should live

Alli Worthington


Why Mentoring Via Mastermind is Key to Success

  • There is no mastermind fairy, and what you can do about it
  • The importance of transparency in masterminds
  • The logistics of running a successful mastermind

Matt McWilliams


What Mentors Really Want, and How to Get Them to Mentor You

  • On offering your services as a potential mentor
  • On crowd-sourcing advice from multiple mentors
  • On having the guts to ask
  • What mentors really want — and how to appeal to them as a potential mentee
  • Why all mentors should give mentees a first assignment

Cassie Boorn


On Mentoring and Being a Go-Giver

  • The importance of knowing what you will and will not do
  • On setting rules for your life and your success
  • Why you need to hire giants
  • On mentoring and being a go-giver

Craig Ballantyne


The Power of Indirect Mentoring

  • Why the great thing about mentors is you never have to meet them
  • Why you always need to be honest about how stupid you are
  • Why the only reason you don’t have a mentor is because you think you don’t need one
  • How being humble — and being smart – gets you the mentor you need

Andy Traub


On Leading Others to Success

  • Changing lives even when you’re busy
  • On leading others while still setting up a low to no YOU structure
  • How to touch lives by outsourcing you

Chris LoCurto


Self-Reliant Leadership and Learning to Lead Others


  • Why people development is a force multiplier
  • What a hot wash is — and why it matters
  • The problem of leading too much
  • Why you need to slow down to speed up

Jan Rutherford


Ask and You Will Succeed

  • The importance of being even-minded
  • Why you need a team to help you reach success
  • The power of thinking bigger than you’ve ever thought before
  • What you have to give up to succeed

Ken Foster

Friday | 8th September


The Power of Knowing Your Career Narrative

  • What stability means to you
  • On developing a career narrative
  • On being crystal clear on what you need to move away from
  • The push vs. the pull of careers
  • How you see yourself vs. how the market sees you

Kevin Kermes


The Invisible Glass Ceiling

  • Why we grow up thinking we need a big machine to protect us
  • On not wanting other people to have power over your destiny
  • The importance of knowing if you are motivated by positive or negative reinforcement

Jonathan Green


The Key to Mindset when it Comes to Success

  • Why Mindset isn’t an event, it’s a process
  • The more negative you are, the more mindset works
  • Understanding the fixed mindset
  • On not thinking linearly, and on thinking laterally

Alinka Rutkowska, Dana Wilde, Matthew Turner, Ash Roy


The Importance of Upgrading Our Idea of Success to Get There

  • On updating the operating system in your life
  • Why we need clarity on who we want to be

Jennifer Flynn


There The Mindset of Abundance

  • The mindset shifts an artist needs
  • On “Dream life or bust!”
  • How to develop a daily mindset practice
  • Why if you think you can, you won’t

Cory Huff, Jennifer Blanchard, Ulyses Osuna


How Understanding Your Priorities Leads to Success

  • The Connection Between Priorities, Time Management, and Success
  • Why Asking, “What Kind of Me Do I Want to Be?” Changes Everything
  • How to Ask, “What Can I Do to Be a Better Me?”

Amy Lynn Andrews


There Why you need a belief system that values your work

  • The importance of knowing your non-negotiables
  • On looking where you’re going
  • The power of reverse engineering

Kamelia Britton and Nina Harrington


How to Believe to Succeed

  • On figuring out why you are stuck
  • Why emotional debt is paralyzing
  • How to stop beating yourself up about your past

Peter Neilson

Saturday | 9th September


Why the Mindset of Success Builds on Success

  • How to focus on your intentions
  • The frequency of success, and why it matters
  • Why you should never avoid the fear
  • The power of asking, “How is this serving me?”

Tim Ray


Why a Great Mindset Can Secure Your Success

  • Why being an outsider can help you develop your mindset
  • Thoughts can change actions, but actions can also change thoughts
  • When you’re overwhelmed, here’s exactly what you should do

Johnny Helleland, AK Turner, Charlene Burke


Why Success is Growth

  • The importance of helping others transform
  • Why being a parent is about guiding other (little) humans
  • Why being a parent is being the most important kind of guide

Mary Kathryn Johnson


Why Mindset is Everything

  • On tangoing with demons
  • Why constant positivity doesn’t cut it
  • Why junk food equals junk self esteem
  • On how to nurture your mindset

Mary Shenouda


Building a Successful Online Business

  • The power of connections when you live where there are more sheep than people
  • On building a niche

Lucy Hay


Enchanting Success

  • The power of social to expand your message
  • How to give, give, give, and THEN ask
  • On being more than you are with social media
  • On empowering others to be officers of happiness
  • The 5-second rule

Jacob Sapochnik


Why it Takes 10 years to become an overnight success

  • On turning a virtual mentor into a real life one
  • Why you shouldn’t look for everything in just one mentor

Cloris Kylie

Sunday | 10th September


The Convergence of Success

  • Why doing what matters in all areas of your life is what matters most
  • What is means to be successful
  • The convergence of joy, money, and flow in success
Chris Guillebeau


On Helping Others as an Author (or paper mentor)

  • How to help someone become so good they don’t need you
  • How a paper mentor can guide you to success
  • The value of co-mentoring for success

Lisa Tener


Likability and Success

  • The importance of gratitude
  • How to teach your kids about your own success
  • On the mindset of success
  • The importance of thanking those who helped get you where you are today
  • Why saying no is essential to being truly successful

Michelle Lederman


Don’t Become Successful at Something You Don’t Want to Do

  • Why Millionaires Don’t Necessarily Feel Successful
  • On Making Progress in the Wrong Direction
  • On Limiting Your Own Success

Peter Sandeen


The Insecurity and Satisfaction of Success

  • Why Being Successful Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Pick Up Wet Towels from the Floor
  • Why Insecurity is Always There
  • Purpose and What You Are Called to Succeed At



What Real Success Really Is
  • Understanding our dark sides
  • The power of Yes…And
  • Julia Cameron and the Artists’ Way + The Morning Pages
  • The Importance of Getting Curious
  • Why you need to go up to go down

Ally Fallon

Monday | 11th September


How Setbacks Can Lead to Success

  • On Finding Your Real Potential as a Human Being
  • On Purpose, and What it Isn’t
  • On Not Taking the Human out of Business

Tanner Gers, Mark Babbit, Alexa Bigwarfe


Failing Your Way to Success

  • What a Minivan Meltdown can teach you about doing it all
  • On essentialism — delegating, deleting and automating
  • One Adapting your personality to your productivity style

Dorothy Tanahill and Lisa Canning


Learning from Success

  • How Success Builds on Success
  • What it Means to Learn from Someone Who’s Been There Before
  • Why Your Own Success Should Never Stop You From Learning

Martha Lawrence


Building a Bridge to Success

  • Don’t take a leap — build a bridge
  • The regret of not taking a chance
  • What’s another 9 years if it’s your dream?

Jason Ladd, Diane Robinson, Angela J Ford


Success is Only Success if it’s Fulfilling

  • On not going from point a to point b
  • Life can be service
  • On not pretending to be other people

Sabrina Truscott and Donna Kozik


A surprise panel on success!

  • Coming Soon

Brian Downward, Stephen Shapiro, Kirsten Oliphant


How to Draw Your Own Map to Success

  • How to find the people who really know what they’re doing, and why you must learn from them
  • On getting mentorship from Seth Godin while deployed, or, the power of indirect mentors
  • The meaning of “what next, what now”

Tom Morkes


On not comparing yourself to others on the journey to success

  • On planning for a leap
  • On not comparing and despairing
  • How to not fight fear

Jan Koch

Tuesday | 12th September


Why Burnout Leads to Focus Leads to Success

  • Does a side hustle really work?
  • The 80/20 rule with income
  • Why your health NEEDS to be your business!

Anthony Tran


How Parent Entrepreneurs can Succeed

  • The power of blocking time
  • Why overwhelm leads to inaction
  • How to kill the 9-5 life

Sarah Shaw and Anne Rainbow


It’s Not Balance, it’s Alignment that Matters
  • If your life is better, your business will be better
  • The importance of asking, How Do You Want to Feel in Your Life?
  • Why No is the new YES
  • How to set boundaries
  • It’s not balance, it’s alignment that matters

Lise Cartwright, Heather Chauvin, Susan Ascher


How to Succeed without Burnout

  • On Taking Time for Granted
  • ON Designing Work to Fit Life, and Not Life to Fit Work

Jyotsna Ramachandran, Nick Thacker, Mark Asquith


Creativity and Success

  • Why you must ask yourself, “What must this be true for this to be successful?
  • On recognizing our bias against new ideas
  • How we can increase our success by increasing our creativity

David Burkus


Mentoring for Success

  • Why everyone is a teacher, and everyone is a mirror
  • How to earn permission to mentor others
  • Why mentoring is equipping others to lead
  • The importance of being teachable
  • Why the first step in changing is leveling up your awareness

Mary Hyatt


Productivity and Success

  • If you’re better at something tomorrow than you are today, you are a success
  • Why nothing you do is safe from productivity hacking if you care about success
  • If you silo your success, you won’t improve
  • Why you need to step to the side of yourself

Ari Meisel


The Connection Between Success and Money

  • On Staying the Same After Your NYT Bestseller
  • Why Success as an Artist is Different than Success in Other Disciplines

David L. Hancock and Austin Church

Wednesday | 13th September


The Secret to Success is…

  • What is success for you
  • How do you want to feel?
  • On knowing what you really want
  • The power of leverage

Heather Chauvin


Success is about dogged determination

  • On starting a blog for fun, not money
  • Why you have to be flexible and willing to change up your sources of revenue
  • The power of email marketing

Britt Malka


How to Prioritize Your Long-Term Success

  • The importance of putting off short-term accomplishment in exchange for long-term wins
  • On not realizing the opportunity cost of saying YES to some opportunities
  • The reality of success and how much time it takes

Ruth Soukup


The Positivity of Success

  • Why Nothing Spirals Down Faster than a Negative Environment
  • The problem of being bombarded with the “Enoughs”!
  • On accepting who you are
  • On reframing your challenges

Christy Largent


Listening to Your Life is Success

  • Do you have to have a “thing”?
  • If you could do anything, what would you do?
  • The difference between a bench and a platform when it comes to success
  • On poking your soul awake to life and success

Emily P. Freeman


Why Success isn’t a Dirty Word

  • The importance of being high leverage
  • On being your authentic self
  • The power of a growth mindset
  • Why only a few things you do matter; the rest is noise

Matt Bodnar


Success Through the Seasons

  • Why the Season You’re In Will Determine Your Success
  • The Importance of Giving Yourself Grace
  • On Not Giving Up On Your Dreams

Jessica Turner


On shifting from helping yourself to helping others

  • If you don’t pay for guidance, you pay in negative consequences
  • Why coaching works
  • How to get the help you need

Yoon Cannon

Thursday | 14th September


Why Your Success Depends on Your Why

  • On starting with a decision to not be overwhelmed
  • Why your why has to be bigger than your why bother
  • The problem with side hustles — and why they don’t work

Carrie Wilkerson


Why the speed at which you act determines your success

  • Why curiosity is a key core value
  • On not creating depensionce
  • On implementing a mentor’s advice
  • The power of modeling your success

Toby Jenkins


Productivity as a Vehicle for Success

  • How we spend our days is how we spend our lives
  • The fewer things you can do, the more you can achieve
  • On being smaller and winning more
  • How to figure out which things are going to fight their way into your 8-hour days

Charlie Gilkey


Why Many Mini Successes Lead to Greatness

  • Why you need to monitor your gas gauge of success
  • Yes, it does take ten years to become an overnight success
  • The importance of a comfort meter — and why you don’t want to get complacent
  • Why most people don’t know if success is happening at all — and why specific goals are critical
  • The power of living with your mentors

Chandler Bolt


The power of focusing on ONE thing in order to wildly succeed

  • When you know you HAVE to pursue your dream
  • A new level means a new devil
  • On the time for hustle and the time to work smart
  • What success really is

Trevor Turnbull


Doing Your Impossible

  • Why you need to define your impossible
  • The three things you need to succeed: a mission to pursue, a mentor to guide you, a mindset to see you through
  • Why you’ll have the greatest success when you pursue your dream
  • Why you need a mentor AND a model

Brian Dixon


Success Isn’t What You Think

  • On prioritizing people in business
  • Why business is one of the strongest engines for generosity
  • Why the way you view success changes the choices you make to reach it

Dale Partridge


Why You Sometimes Have to Go Backward before you Go Forward

  • On the fear of going backward when you go out on your own
  • On being 80% happy
  • On throwing your life way out of balance to get back in balance

Josh Denning


We’re the Ones Who Stand in Our Own Way

  • We teach what we need to learn
  • How fear jails us
  • Why fear is awe

Nina Amir

Friday | 15th September


Why Success is About Being Known

  • Why being known is different than being recognized
  • Why you shouldn’t be successful at being somebody else
  • How to not sprint in the wrong direction
  • What it means to give a speech to four people

Jon Acuff


On Leaning Into Fear

  • On not having mentors
  • The power of a coach
  • How the online world mentors each other

Kevin Johns


The Power of Learning to Succeed

  • Why vulnerability matters
  • The power of constant conversation with others in the space
  • What do people ask you for help?

Jason Van Orden



  • Coming Soon

Stephen Shapiro


Why Giving is the Secret to Success

  • How to set priorities in terms of who you help, guide, and mentor
  • The importance of uncommon commonalities, and how to make them work for you to find great mentors
  • What Sheryl Sandberg recently did to stop a “taker” in his tracks
  • The difference between advice and help

Adam Grant


Why you dont need credentials to succeed

  • Why the Easy Path to Make it is With credentials, but why there is another way
  • Knowing the MVP of your idea
  • The different genres of people who seek success
  • How to swaddle yourself in social proof

Dorie Clark


Why Success Can’t Come without Mentoring
  • Why mentoring matters when it comes to Success
  • On not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less
  • The different types of mentoring that can help you succeed

Ken Blanchard and Claire Diaz-Ortiz

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